Annapolis Valley Exhibition Directors

The Annapolis Valley Exhibition has a volunteer Committee of Directors that is represented by 15 volunteer members. From those fifteen members, one is a Municipal County Representative and we have two Federation of Agriculture Representatives. Director Meetings are held once a month not including the many special meetings which are held.
2016 Executive
President - Dave Logie
1st Vice President - Elaine Marshall
2nd Vice President - Jack Pearle
Secretary/Treasurer - Karen O'Neil-Watton

2016 List of Directors
Jack Pearle, Russell Ernst, Waldon Carty, Byron Lamb
Robert Durling, Brian "Fuzzy" Connell, Dave Logie, Mike McCory, Steven Barteaux, Justin Daniels, Elaine Marshall, Karen O'Neil-Watton
Grant Moar, Lloyd Evans, Gary Cole,